Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Into da wild, and wild it was!

Another day, another god

So Andrin and Fedyran not wanna go out dis time. Might be da skelleton people (dat does give me da shivers), or might be dat dey working on stuff. Feydran probably prayin I not make dem do exercises in da morning. I not tink his god help him wit dat! But me and Sylvus decide to go out of da town and re-connect wit nature. Da bear spirit in me not like cramped little rooms. So we go and head out to da South. We find dis place what leads up into da hills, and we see dat dere is some kind of a building up dere. We go to investigate, because Sylvus says he recall da look of da building. We get attacked by dese strange sand worm creatures dat try to sting us and poison us. It make us both very sick, and very weak, but we beat dem. Sylvus say he can make magic to keep us from gettin sick next time, but we so sick we have to go back to town. We get Feydran to help us with da poison, and we get strong again and go back out. Me hate dat stuff dat makes me weak! Kadmos Kolmourn, stormbreaker, goblin squisher, of da tribe of da Bear is not weak!

So we go back out, but Andrin and Feydran still not wanna go. Dis time we ready for da poison worms, and we able to make it all da way to da center building we see. We fight dese big scorpions – dey try to poison us too, but we not be poisoned now thanks to Sylvus’ magic. We kill dem all, but dey feeding on big cats. Only one baby big cat left. Sylvus sad by cat being left alone wit no mommy cat, so he take da little cat to raise. Me bury dead mom, but me take da big fangs of da mom before me do. Dese cats have fangs like daggers, and me might be able to use dem for something.

We go up da inside of dis building, round an round till we get to da top. We leave da building and dis big ugly monster almost drop right on us. Monster another strange ting – it have 3 heads, wings, but it all broken and twisted. We want to put it out of its misery, so we hit it some few times. Where we hit crack and make tentacles and mouths and things. We get in one big fight wit it, and it have head and teeth flailing all over. Me get hit hard and bleed lots, so bad dat I have to stop fighting and fall down. Me not sure what happen after dat, but me see long tunnel wit green light at end, and hear call of da bear at other end. But me not go to light, me wake up back in house where big cat mommy died. Sylvus’ magic bring me back, but me not feel too good. Me have lots of scars and hurts. Him make us food, give me berries, and use his warm glowy magic to make us feel better. Den we decide we want to go back at dat strange creature. So him make lots of hand waving and chanting and dancing stuff, and me feel stronger and better dan me have in long time. Him good dancer, him should dance more.

Now ready, we go back to fight twisted monster. Him drop at us again, but dis time we ready. Sylvus call cat to help fight – not baby cat, one from mist cloud. We get da jump on monster, and thanks to da magic Sylvus make, da monster can not hurt us much. Me smack him real hard with me flail, and it go dead real fast dis time. We happy dat da fight go so easy dis time!

Den one door open up dat we not see before, and we go into it and find dis lion man. Sylvus say him a Guard and all, and we in different place. It nice place, it calm and peaceful, and me could have a lot of battles here! Lion man talk to us bout sometin… me not sure, me not really listen. Me look around at pretty place and tink it be nice to stay here for long time. Me look at plants and flowers, which me not really ever do at home. Sylvus and lion man talk a while, but me not really listen. Den when dey done, dey say it time for us to leave, but me not want to go. It nice here! Not much to fight, but what I see can be nice too – me not want to leave so fast! Lion man say me must leave, and Sylvus want me to leave too. Sylvus finally talk me to go. Now not sure I can go back.

Wonder what lion man and Sylvus talk about. Me wonder if lion man knew Sylvus have little cat in bag. Me wonder if dey have bannan-nut bread in dat place. If so, me never leave!



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