Journey of the Immortal Cleric

On da trail of da many-eyed mystic

Back to da tent city place

We left Spearkeep. I didn’t like it there any more – for all we done, we treated badly. Not shown likes. Dey gonna have problems witout us, and if da orcs come, dey gonna be wiped out.

Da trip to da new tent city was smooth. We went wit a lot of people from Spearkeep who wanted to sell stuff, so we in big group and no one mess wit us. Tent city got lots bigger, and lots more strange. When we gots dere, dey wanted us to play dress up, like we some little pups. I no want too, but everbody else was, so I picked a bear in honor of my tribe.

Lots of people walkin around. One of da first tings I see is big bull-man. Him champion fighter at the arena. Me not big on arena fighting – no fight for anyting but gold and make other people money. But if I feel like it, maybe I try it – see if I can get me name known here too. Den some strange man came up to us. He move around a lot, and him talk fast and all the time. I no like him. Him talk, talk, talk, and wave him hands around. Den I notice him have gold from Sylvanus. Dat make me mad – him take, but no ask. I make him give back, but den him have gold from Feydran too! Me tell him dat him keep him hands to himself, or I keep him hands – after I chop dem off!

We look around more, and buy some stuff. I find nice new ring shirt, and helm to honor my bear tribe. I also find some leather straps for me arms dat make me stronger! Dese all good for warrior like me! Feydran and Sylvanus buy stuff too. After askin people, including woman who run tent for women to please men, we find dat bull-man have someting to do wit many-eyed seer, so we go talk to him.

Bull-man stupid, and too sure him strong. Him not want to talk, and when we challenge, him want all our new stuff to talk. Him stupid! We make him deal – we beat him, he talk and we get one of his tings. Him beat us, he take two of our new tings. Dis good – now we fight.

Bull-man and big axe hit hard! Maybe broke chest bones, but me not down. Feydran wavin his arms around like always, and Sylvanus also chanting and waving. Me and bull-man trade blows, but me helped by friends and we win! Feydran take care of axe wound, and bull-man tell us seer give him mask, but not know why. He tell us what many-eye seer look like now, so we go find him after we rest for night. Maybe tomorrow glowy-woman friend be back wit us….



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