Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Riders on the Storm-O

Seers, Spells, Storms and Snow

Andrin did come back. She done some buying too, got new gloves. She say she find seer in tent. We go to see if it him and to deliver revenge if it is. Feydran and Me go in through front, Andrin and Sylvanus stay out back. We remember what happened last time, and we tink Andrin might be able to get behind him for her wicked stab.

He tell us all kind of stuff, tings I no understand. He say our friends and family die to put us on path, to get us to come together, someting to do wit a dwarf, a elf and a human and freein sometin dey locked away. He mention the Rising Sun, sayin dey to blame. Me no care, me want to kill him den go find dose who told him to do it. Den him attack – bad idea. Andrin comes into tent, I pin him to corner of tent. He took my club, but I have sword and I make him pay. When he die, like cowardly rat, him explode, fill tent with blood. It hurt, but my rage and my joy at him dying let me ignore hurt. Feydran wave hands and call to him God and fix me.

Explosion damage me club, so me need new weapon. We found out dat de Bull Man no longer champion, now little thief somehow win. Some people say he deal wit demons, he filled wit evil power. If him have Bull Man axe, me buy it or fight him for it. Feydran go wit me, but little man say Bull Man leave wit his axe. Me have to find other weapon, but not hard – lots of people selling weapons. Me find good heavy flail, buy from dwarf. Dis make good bone crusher!

We go to find Andrin and Sylvanus,but den me get voice in me head. Voice not me, not orc, not know what it was. Voice say dat Char need me, call for me. Dat him in temple. I think real hard and him hears thoughts, so me ask who him is, where Char is, and how we help. Him in temple of Pelor, watched over by a cool light – dont know what dat is. But we find out him in Sunstan. We find caravan headed dat way, so we leave da next morning.

We get attacked on da way by some sneaky people wit bows, but with Feydrans magic, Andrins new lighting powers, and Sylvanus’ rollin balls of fire, we win. We only lose cowardly caravan driver who hide under wagon and not fight. Me chase some of dem into woods, make sure dey know not to mess wit us. We find some arrows dat I give to Andrin, but not much else.

Den a few nights later Feydran gets all strange – stranger dan usual. Him eyes turn cloudy gray, him look possessed, and him caught up in huge storm what come outta no where. We all get caught up in strong winds and somehow end up on back of giant ice creature. It crazy we stuck on chunks of ice on monsters back. Him like walking mountain, and de only safe place be his shoulders. We try to climb up dere, but Sylvanus have trouble. Feydran is up dere, fighting some big storm guy. Him not giant, and him throwing lightning around. Me think Feydran not going to live long without help.

We get up dere, chased by some ice creatures what come out of monsters back. But dem slow, dem cant catch us. I help Sylvanus up, den prepare to smash storm man. Him hit hard, and Feydran almost dead, but Andrin throwin lightning and Sylvanus make more balls of fire, and we hurt him. Feydran somehow call for big heal help, and dat gives us enough strength to kill storm man. Feydran, now feel better, charge at big storm man and attack. When storm man die, him flash lightning and thunder and leave big mace for Feydran.

Still Ice creatures to deal wit, but storm guy gone and me have new name – Kadmos Storm Breaker!



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