Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Run to da sea

We need a new plan

We have been called back to da Rising Sun barracks to hear about Char. If da gods have smiled on him, Me hope he back to him human self. wit none of him fathers evil still in him.

We get to da barracks and are led inside by one of da holy knights. We go through a room where many of da knights stare at us as we go in. Is it bad news? Did Char turn into something unnatural and haf to be killed? Me hope not, but if him did, me glad dey put him out of him misery and pain.

Dem lead us to small room where Char supposed to be. Me not like this – da room is too small and only haf one door. If Char turned dem, and dis be a trap, we could be in trouble. But me more wondering what happen to Char, so me move over to him bed to see.

By the Great Bear! Char not human any more! Char now look like big bug! Him even have da wings! Me not know what evil change him like dis. Me not even sure him Char till we talk. Him seems to have shaken off da evil, no matter how strange it make him look. Him tell us dat da main priest of Pelor is hunting for him and for us. Dat him forcing da Rising Sun out of da city for protecting Char. Char tell us dat if we leave, dat priest of Pelor come after us. We no can fight priest and him temple. Char say da Rising Sun have a plan to help so we can get out of da city. Dey make it look like dey kill us, dey show da Priests of Pelor our burned bodies, but actually be bodies of pigs. While dem do dat, we head down secret escape tunnel to da ocean and take a boat to another city. We not have much choice. We take da tunnel.

We climb down into da tunnel and head for da sea. We not get too far before we get attacked by one big cat! Me not know why dis escape tunnel not cleared, but da big cat not like dat we here. We fight him and kill him, but him hurt me friends. Feydran and Char have some help wit da magicy glow hands dat make us feel better. We kept moving down the tunnel for a while den we come across a strange little graveyard. These little creatures pop up and start trying to stab us wit glass knives. We kill dem all quick, but dey become ghosts when we kill dem, and den all the ghosts become big pumpkin head man. Him breathe fire, but we not get so hurt and kill him quick.

We finally get to da end of de escape tunnel and we have other big problem – we can see da docks dat we want to get to, but da temple of Pelor already got dem watched. Lots of priest – soldiers watching people as dey head for da boats. I think me could swim to da boat and go round da guard, but me no tink Silvanus and Feydran can handle da swim. Not sure about Andrin. But me no get past da soldier – guards. Andrin and Silvanus no have da magic to hide me, or most of da party. We tink about plans – rush dem, wait for dem to leave, trick dem to da tunnel – none of dem good plans. Andrin come up wit good plan – she can disguise herself, get to da boat, pay dem for a ride, and den come get us. Me suggest dat Feydran use his new shrink power, and dey go as mother and son. Dem guards not be looking for mother and son.

After a little work wit Andrin makin dem look different, dey walk down past dem guards. Stupid guards dont even look at dem. Dey make it to da ship easy. It take Andrin long time to get dem to come get us, but dey do. We now free from dis crazy city, and maybe from da Pelor priest’s power.



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