Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Unda da sea!

Searching for sunken treasure

We go lookin for anodda portal-thing. Dis one on an island. Our last sailing voyage not go so well, so hopefully dis one betta. We stop in a seaside city dat is da main city for da coast. It got lots of temples. Me tempted to go cause havoc in da temple of Pelor, but me keep me mind on our goal. Me do go over to da temple of Kord while we stay here – dey give me good workout and challenge.

We find one boat goin to da island. It run by a wizard, and it salvage boat. Wizard who run it want us to be da security for him workers while dey go under water and look for gold and stuff. Him make us so we breathe under water and Sylvus make us swim better. (Dat good for Feydran and Andrin – de morning workouts not seem to help dem much yet. Me starting to think dey slackin off.) Him say though dat if we let one of da workers be killed we forfeit our share. Seems too steep, but we need da ride.

We get to da spot and da wizard say it gonna take 3 days to get all da stuff. We get spells cast on us and we get lowered into da water.We go down for a ways, and it get murky and dark. Da wizard give da workers lights to see wit. Da first part of da work went good, but den one of da workers got too close to da kelp, and it grab him good and start to choke him. Me and Feydran head over to help. I get da worker out, but Feydran get caught in da weeds instead (Yup, slakin off on da morning exercises).

Wit Andrin’s help we get Feydran out of da weeds, but den a big shark show up! Three times as big as me! But we not worried, we ready for a fight, even under da water. We make quick work of da shark before it can bit anyone. Once it dead, I take some of its teeth – dey big, and might be worth sometin – no one sees teeth like dese.

Da second day we start work, knowin to stay clear of da kelp. Work goes good till Andrin spots sometin far away – somethin big. We not know what it is, but we start to collect da workers. Den we hear it – even from far off – it wailing like a stuck pig. Dis scared two of da workers, and dey took off swimmin! Feydran and Sylvus – in da shape of a gator – went after dem while Andrin and I found hidin spots for da other workers. It was very close, but we managed to get all of da workers into good hiding spots before da creature went by. I am not sure what it was, but it was big, and it looked like it was from one of da hells.

After da monster left we collected stuff for da rest of da day and da next and were able to den go to da island. We pulled in some good stuff, and even found some magic stuff. Da wizard offered to sell some of it to us, and we bought some, but most of it cost too much.

On da island we found a stone city dat had been abandoned a while ago. Only one place had people, and it was some kind of huntin lodge for people. We went dere and asked some questions. I was able to sell some of my shark teeth to da hunters, and while I did dat I was able to talk to dem about the island and da creatures on it. Dey kept callin dem “flightless dragons”, but I not ever heard of a dragon dat cant fly. I even hear about dragons from da east dat fly wit no wings – dey use magic.

Sylvus found some old guy and started talkin to him in some strange language I not hear before. It not harsh and throaty like goblin, it not smooth and soft soundin like elvish. It kind of like animal – man speak. Dey talk for a while, and Sylvus figure out where we need to go. Da treck into da island was tough – da jungle was thicker dan an old dwarves beard. We manage to avoid dese flyin dragons for a while, but we ran into one dat jumped outa da leaves and attacked Feydran. Da beast had lots of claws and knife teeth, but it not have same scales like dragon, and it not spit fire or anything on us, so I not think it a dragon.

We got to da city in da middle of da island. It big and made of rocks too. In da center was a big rough pyramid building dat had statues around it. Alla da statues were of people wit spears, and dey were all killin demselves wit da spears. Dat not a good sign. No wonder dis place not have people living here any more.

At da top of da pyramid was a big tree dat Sylvus say he never seen before, and wrapped around da tree was a big snake wit colorful feather wings.



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