Journey of the Immortal Cleric

We have all fallen

In more ways than one.....

Kadmos’ life now filled wit all kinds of strange stuff. Giant walking ice monsters, priests who don’t serve but seek to harm, people who become someting me can’t even name or describe, and constant run ins wif what dis place call law. Law in Karhu tribe much easier – might makes right!

After we beat big storm monster and little ice monsters (me like the way dey shatter when I hit dem hard), we haf to get down from walking ice mountains back. Dis no problem fer me – it looks like it be big fun. But me know dat Feydran in all his metal, Sylvanus, and Andrin not strong, not make climb in ice easy. Me try to help wit rope, but dey still struggle. Heglt Wonam fall, but catch herself on a ledge down low. Feydran slip next, and all of a sudden Heglt Wonam can fly! She jump after him, turn him to size of child, catch him, and dey boff drop to ground easy! She now have great magic! Me wanna know if she can do that, why not she fly us all down? Anyway, Sylvanus and me go down, but he having hard time wit cold and rope. Den all of a sudden him fall, and me not able to catch him! He fall into snow on ground – not sure if him live! I get down as quick as I can and head back – walking ice mountain take big steps! But me find him. Him still alive, but hurt bad. I wrap him in me furs and walk to find Andrin and Feydran. Me hope I can find dem before Sylvanus go cold for good. Luckily me do, and dey able to heal him while I try to make shelter from cold.

Storm blow over and Sylvanus get better wif Feydran’s help. We now more North of the road, but we head down and find Elf and Man city in forest. Not much to do here, but Heglt Wonam and Ihf Liahir have stuff, and Sylvanus need to rest and get feel better. I no more hear other voices in me head – not sure if dat good or bad, but we move on as soon as we can.

We get to Sunstan. It bigger man city, full of tall towers and stone boxes. Dis what dey call cimvilizashion. Me not impressed. What you need tall towers like dis for? We find temple of Pelor, and priest man leads us to Char’s room. Him door blocked and stuck heavy. It take a lot of banging, but me get through. We find him room wif picture lines all over walls, and Char not look like man any more. Him all black and twisted, wif extra arms, strange bones, and twisted limbs. Him not look anyting like Char except him eyes. I tink the evil in him got out and bent him all up. Why priests not help? Why dey leave him in room and ignore screams? I call for priests to do magicky help, but priest look all afraid. Heglt Wonam looking at lines on walls, and Ihf Liahir and Forizt Nam trying to help Char, but not much we can do against dis evil. Finally priests come back, but dem armed for fight, not for help. Me not sure if Char can be helped, but me not going to let these priests – dem dat ignored him while him scream and need help – kill him. Dem do nothing to try to help, and no not care if help can work, just want Char gone. Cowards! Liars! What kind of priests take man in den ignore him while him in trouble, and now dat we come to help just want to kill him. We tink we have to fight priests, and me ready to bash some stupid heads in, but priests let us take Char out of dis temple. Me try to make big noise as we leave – let people know dese priests are fakers and liars and thieves. We take Char to Rising Sun building, and dem try to help. Why not priests of stupid Pelor not call Rising Sun when Char start screaming? Why not them try to get him help? Stupid cowards!

We go to find an inn and look around while Rising Sun people look at Char. We find big box room full of books. Me not care about dis, but Andrin, and Feydran go inside. Forizt Nam and me go to tell law men dat the people in de temple of Pelor take all Chars stuff! Dem thieves and cowards, and if me have to, me go back in and get him stuff! When we get back to inn, we find Feydran and Heglt Wonam have man tied up!? Man from Pelor temple – him told to follow us! We call watchmen, tall them him follow us. Him try to say we kidnap him, but watch man believe us because me tell them about Char’s stuff. Stupid Pelor man lucky Heglt Wonam not use her magic to fry him!

After we deal with Pelor man, Heglt Wonam tell us dat library have something that belong to her family, and she want it back. She sneaky, but big book box full of magicky people, and dem not like her taking her stuff back. We try to help her. She find out dat box have magic to stop people from taking stuff, but we tink we can use that to make people confused long enough for her to get her stuff. We go in and Forizt Nam and Ihf Liahir make room all foggy while Heglt Wonam try to get her eye mask thing. She have hard time, so me fake to stumble in fog and knock over whole box thing, breaking it. Me get caught in sticky web magic, but her get away. Watch men come in, but dem too stupid to figure out what we done. Dey talk and talk, but we too smart for dem, and we get away.

Me thinking that if watch men so dumb, maybe it not be bad to live more by Karhu rules, and take what me want. Might makes right!

Heglt Wonam = “Light Woman” = Andrin
Forizt Nam = “Forest Man” = Sylvanus
Ihf Liahir = “Elf Healer” = Feydran
Karhu = “Bear”



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