Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Snakes, fog, a dancing vampire and Gojira! By Grumsh' withered eye!
Lets go find dese portals, she said.....

Da snake around da big tree talked to us in our heads. Him not know about portal, but him know about spear. Him say dat to get to da spear, we hafta go through trials no one else ever make it through! Dat sound like sometin right for me – I can add to my titles and fame wit dis done.

Da snake den turn into a small child. We got to walk dis kid through da pyramid to da other side, wit him not getting hurt. I hate guard missions like dis – da person you giardin usually does sometin dumb dat gets people killed. Hope dis snake-kid is smarter.

Da pyramid have all kinds of strange rooms. Each room seems to have no door, so we gotta find our way through. First room we broke da floor wit ice and strength. Second room fill wit strange white water dat turn into fog. Fog like drinking orc “white lightening” – too much of it and it make you all stupid, make you see blurry, and make you tink and see stuff dats not dere. Andrin too small – she have lots of trouble wit da fog. She start attackin tings dat not dere, and even some of us.

Da next room some elf-lovin fairy tale room – has doors, but we need to know da right one to go through by understandin some sappy love riddle ting. Sometin about da moon and a dead guy, den da dead guy get sacrificed to da sun (how you sacrifice da dead already?) and da sun not like it. Not a surprise dere – only dead gods like da dead sacrifice. Den a leopard come out, drag da dead guys head to da river, and some gator grab it and swim away. Me tink whole thing sappy elf love story. Me tink Feydran should figure out. Snake-kid no help at all. Sun, moon, angry lover (all orks are angry lovers), jungle cat, river – stupid story. We figure out it da moon, and go through dat door.

Next room got a coffin it in, made from a tree. Feydran sure it got walking dead in it, so him bless it by da power of Marduke. Dat just seem to anger da dead guy, but him get up and start doing some strange dance ting. Den him have 4 more people dancing wit him – and dey all us. Him dance pull our souls out! Da others do stuff – try to break up dance, try to cast magic at him, stuff like dat. Me tink him power come from coffin, so me try to smash coffin! Me jump on coffin, me throw coffin, me smash coffin. Andrin get weak and fall over. Me use my mergency strength giver to get her back on her feet, and Feydran help too. We finally break da coffin to twigs and stop da vampire from dancing, and we keep our souls. It was close – me thought him stupid dance gonna be da end of Kadmos! Me surely go to ork hell if me killed by stupid foppish dancing dead guy!

We go to da next room and it get worse. Da roof all have roots hanging from it – lots of big roots. Stuck in da roots is one big sleeping lizard! Him big thunder lizard like dat legend – gojira! Him swallow all us and not even know it. Stupid snake-boy say we hafta cross da room, usin da roots, but we cant hurt dem or da giant lizard wake up!

I ok wit swinging and climbing, but Andrin and Feydran not so good at it. Sylvus just become some big bird probably. Maybe he can carry da snake-boy.

I hope dis da last room, or da way tings going we hafta fight another god after this!

Unda da sea!
Searching for sunken treasure

We go lookin for anodda portal-thing. Dis one on an island. Our last sailing voyage not go so well, so hopefully dis one betta. We stop in a seaside city dat is da main city for da coast. It got lots of temples. Me tempted to go cause havoc in da temple of Pelor, but me keep me mind on our goal. Me do go over to da temple of Kord while we stay here – dey give me good workout and challenge.

We find one boat goin to da island. It run by a wizard, and it salvage boat. Wizard who run it want us to be da security for him workers while dey go under water and look for gold and stuff. Him make us so we breathe under water and Sylvus make us swim better. (Dat good for Feydran and Andrin – de morning workouts not seem to help dem much yet. Me starting to think dey slackin off.) Him say though dat if we let one of da workers be killed we forfeit our share. Seems too steep, but we need da ride.

We get to da spot and da wizard say it gonna take 3 days to get all da stuff. We get spells cast on us and we get lowered into da water.We go down for a ways, and it get murky and dark. Da wizard give da workers lights to see wit. Da first part of da work went good, but den one of da workers got too close to da kelp, and it grab him good and start to choke him. Me and Feydran head over to help. I get da worker out, but Feydran get caught in da weeds instead (Yup, slakin off on da morning exercises).

Wit Andrin’s help we get Feydran out of da weeds, but den a big shark show up! Three times as big as me! But we not worried, we ready for a fight, even under da water. We make quick work of da shark before it can bit anyone. Once it dead, I take some of its teeth – dey big, and might be worth sometin – no one sees teeth like dese.

Da second day we start work, knowin to stay clear of da kelp. Work goes good till Andrin spots sometin far away – somethin big. We not know what it is, but we start to collect da workers. Den we hear it – even from far off – it wailing like a stuck pig. Dis scared two of da workers, and dey took off swimmin! Feydran and Sylvus – in da shape of a gator – went after dem while Andrin and I found hidin spots for da other workers. It was very close, but we managed to get all of da workers into good hiding spots before da creature went by. I am not sure what it was, but it was big, and it looked like it was from one of da hells.

After da monster left we collected stuff for da rest of da day and da next and were able to den go to da island. We pulled in some good stuff, and even found some magic stuff. Da wizard offered to sell some of it to us, and we bought some, but most of it cost too much.

On da island we found a stone city dat had been abandoned a while ago. Only one place had people, and it was some kind of huntin lodge for people. We went dere and asked some questions. I was able to sell some of my shark teeth to da hunters, and while I did dat I was able to talk to dem about the island and da creatures on it. Dey kept callin dem “flightless dragons”, but I not ever heard of a dragon dat cant fly. I even hear about dragons from da east dat fly wit no wings – dey use magic.

Sylvus found some old guy and started talkin to him in some strange language I not hear before. It not harsh and throaty like goblin, it not smooth and soft soundin like elvish. It kind of like animal – man speak. Dey talk for a while, and Sylvus figure out where we need to go. Da treck into da island was tough – da jungle was thicker dan an old dwarves beard. We manage to avoid dese flyin dragons for a while, but we ran into one dat jumped outa da leaves and attacked Feydran. Da beast had lots of claws and knife teeth, but it not have same scales like dragon, and it not spit fire or anything on us, so I not think it a dragon.

We got to da city in da middle of da island. It big and made of rocks too. In da center was a big rough pyramid building dat had statues around it. Alla da statues were of people wit spears, and dey were all killin demselves wit da spears. Dat not a good sign. No wonder dis place not have people living here any more.

At da top of da pyramid was a big tree dat Sylvus say he never seen before, and wrapped around da tree was a big snake wit colorful feather wings.

Into da wild, and wild it was!
Another day, another god

So Andrin and Fedyran not wanna go out dis time. Might be da skelleton people (dat does give me da shivers), or might be dat dey working on stuff. Feydran probably prayin I not make dem do exercises in da morning. I not tink his god help him wit dat! But me and Sylvus decide to go out of da town and re-connect wit nature. Da bear spirit in me not like cramped little rooms. So we go and head out to da South. We find dis place what leads up into da hills, and we see dat dere is some kind of a building up dere. We go to investigate, because Sylvus says he recall da look of da building. We get attacked by dese strange sand worm creatures dat try to sting us and poison us. It make us both very sick, and very weak, but we beat dem. Sylvus say he can make magic to keep us from gettin sick next time, but we so sick we have to go back to town. We get Feydran to help us with da poison, and we get strong again and go back out. Me hate dat stuff dat makes me weak! Kadmos Kolmourn, stormbreaker, goblin squisher, of da tribe of da Bear is not weak!

So we go back out, but Andrin and Feydran still not wanna go. Dis time we ready for da poison worms, and we able to make it all da way to da center building we see. We fight dese big scorpions – dey try to poison us too, but we not be poisoned now thanks to Sylvus’ magic. We kill dem all, but dey feeding on big cats. Only one baby big cat left. Sylvus sad by cat being left alone wit no mommy cat, so he take da little cat to raise. Me bury dead mom, but me take da big fangs of da mom before me do. Dese cats have fangs like daggers, and me might be able to use dem for something.

We go up da inside of dis building, round an round till we get to da top. We leave da building and dis big ugly monster almost drop right on us. Monster another strange ting – it have 3 heads, wings, but it all broken and twisted. We want to put it out of its misery, so we hit it some few times. Where we hit crack and make tentacles and mouths and things. We get in one big fight wit it, and it have head and teeth flailing all over. Me get hit hard and bleed lots, so bad dat I have to stop fighting and fall down. Me not sure what happen after dat, but me see long tunnel wit green light at end, and hear call of da bear at other end. But me not go to light, me wake up back in house where big cat mommy died. Sylvus’ magic bring me back, but me not feel too good. Me have lots of scars and hurts. Him make us food, give me berries, and use his warm glowy magic to make us feel better. Den we decide we want to go back at dat strange creature. So him make lots of hand waving and chanting and dancing stuff, and me feel stronger and better dan me have in long time. Him good dancer, him should dance more.

Now ready, we go back to fight twisted monster. Him drop at us again, but dis time we ready. Sylvus call cat to help fight – not baby cat, one from mist cloud. We get da jump on monster, and thanks to da magic Sylvus make, da monster can not hurt us much. Me smack him real hard with me flail, and it go dead real fast dis time. We happy dat da fight go so easy dis time!

Den one door open up dat we not see before, and we go into it and find dis lion man. Sylvus say him a Guard and all, and we in different place. It nice place, it calm and peaceful, and me could have a lot of battles here! Lion man talk to us bout sometin… me not sure, me not really listen. Me look around at pretty place and tink it be nice to stay here for long time. Me look at plants and flowers, which me not really ever do at home. Sylvus and lion man talk a while, but me not really listen. Den when dey done, dey say it time for us to leave, but me not want to go. It nice here! Not much to fight, but what I see can be nice too – me not want to leave so fast! Lion man say me must leave, and Sylvus want me to leave too. Sylvus finally talk me to go. Now not sure I can go back.

Wonder what lion man and Sylvus talk about. Me wonder if lion man knew Sylvus have little cat in bag. Me wonder if dey have bannan-nut bread in dat place. If so, me never leave!

Rocks, Gods, Skeletons and more. Dis just keeps gettin stranger!
It simple - travel lots, see spots on map, figure stuff out... but it never work out dat way.

So, me now sittin in a very strange place. Me travel wit me friends to da desert city near da big lake. Dis a place where Andrin says dere is another door-room like da one we find in Spearkeep. But dis place not like Spearkeep at all! Half dem people here are dead, but not dead, but not nasty um-dead like zombies and da like. Dey walk, talk (very nice) and not want to eat you. From what we learn, dis place has magic in da lake, and dat magic can be used by ankle-lites (me guess dey float) to bring people back from bein dead. Dem ankle-lites move a whole temple place into da waters wit da dead bodies, and den dey come out of da water and da dead are livin again.

Dat make problem for us. Da ting we came to look at is under da water, and is what is makin people live again. We cant mess wit dat, or da townspeople be very angry wit us. So what we gonna do?

I tink i’d wanna leave. Me not liking all da dead walkin around – it aint right. It aint normal. It creepy. Me tink da ankle-lites cheating da gods, and some day dem gods gonna come and git da souls dey should have had.

On da way to dis place we stop at a temple. Supposed to be a temple to a war god, and nice temple built next to ice blue lake. Da temple have no rock shapes of da god, but have blue pillar in da center. Seem OK. We sleep next to da temple, and me have big spirit dream! Da shaman of my tribe talk about dis, and a few of dem great fighters for da tribe. Me honored dat it happen to me.

Me walk into strange place and find big white bear – da totem of me tribe. Bear challenge me, and we get into fight. Bear very strong, very cold. My friends could not help – it was just me and da bear! In da end, da bear spirit join with mine, and me get stronger wit da spirit of da bear! Me now truly a warrior of da Bear tribe now! Me also awake next morning wit a gift from da bear spirit – bracers dat cover me hands! These will make me very powerful, and I will use dem to honor da Bear Spirit! Mine enemies beware!

When I wake up da next day, da lake gone – no more water. Some god be mighty thirsty to drink all dat water. Not sure if it were da Storm God Feydran pray to. Me glad he not wake me when he come to drink – me need sleep. In da bottom of da lake is a town – but town all mucky and old from being under da water. In da middle of da town is a big stone building – we tink dis maybe da real war god temple, so we go to look. Me friends not find anyting yet to make dis trip worth it, so maybe we find stuff there.

We walk through the town till we get to da stone temple. Dis one make look like more temple – it have alter of bear shape, rock shapes of strange creatures, and one big rock shape behind altar. We slow to go in – place look like trap, and me sense someting not right. But Andrin and Feydran move in to look at tings, and rock shapes not come alive. At least dey didn’t till I helped Andrin pry a bow from da frozen altar. Den da big four armed god ting came alive and started trying to kill us. We too strong now, and we beat it, but when we did it start to vomit da souls of all da tings sacrificed to it – bulls, big people, little people, everyting. We had to run. It was a rough run to outdistance all dem souls. Feydran have trouble climbing and running in him armor, so me help wit some friendly words. Me almost tink he should use him go little power and me carry, but we not have time for dat. We all get out, but me tink it be good idea to start some strength training every morning for da rest of da group. Dey need to bulk up some, get some strength in dem arms and legs. Da run not da end of it though – da temple break, and make da ground break, and lots of ugly, smelly, weak goblns come up from tunnels. Me have about enough of dis, so me jump into dem, roaring and raging. Me so mad I even drop me flail and start punching dem. Their little heads pop like melons when me hit dem! Da glory of da Bear Clan show good in dat fight! Feydran show him strong wit Marduke power too, and Andrin easily set da tunnels closed on dem weakling goblins.

We find our horses and we head for da lake town after dat.

Run to da sea
We need a new plan

We have been called back to da Rising Sun barracks to hear about Char. If da gods have smiled on him, Me hope he back to him human self. wit none of him fathers evil still in him.

We get to da barracks and are led inside by one of da holy knights. We go through a room where many of da knights stare at us as we go in. Is it bad news? Did Char turn into something unnatural and haf to be killed? Me hope not, but if him did, me glad dey put him out of him misery and pain.

Dem lead us to small room where Char supposed to be. Me not like this – da room is too small and only haf one door. If Char turned dem, and dis be a trap, we could be in trouble. But me more wondering what happen to Char, so me move over to him bed to see.

By the Great Bear! Char not human any more! Char now look like big bug! Him even have da wings! Me not know what evil change him like dis. Me not even sure him Char till we talk. Him seems to have shaken off da evil, no matter how strange it make him look. Him tell us dat da main priest of Pelor is hunting for him and for us. Dat him forcing da Rising Sun out of da city for protecting Char. Char tell us dat if we leave, dat priest of Pelor come after us. We no can fight priest and him temple. Char say da Rising Sun have a plan to help so we can get out of da city. Dey make it look like dey kill us, dey show da Priests of Pelor our burned bodies, but actually be bodies of pigs. While dem do dat, we head down secret escape tunnel to da ocean and take a boat to another city. We not have much choice. We take da tunnel.

We climb down into da tunnel and head for da sea. We not get too far before we get attacked by one big cat! Me not know why dis escape tunnel not cleared, but da big cat not like dat we here. We fight him and kill him, but him hurt me friends. Feydran and Char have some help wit da magicy glow hands dat make us feel better. We kept moving down the tunnel for a while den we come across a strange little graveyard. These little creatures pop up and start trying to stab us wit glass knives. We kill dem all quick, but dey become ghosts when we kill dem, and den all the ghosts become big pumpkin head man. Him breathe fire, but we not get so hurt and kill him quick.

We finally get to da end of de escape tunnel and we have other big problem – we can see da docks dat we want to get to, but da temple of Pelor already got dem watched. Lots of priest – soldiers watching people as dey head for da boats. I think me could swim to da boat and go round da guard, but me no tink Silvanus and Feydran can handle da swim. Not sure about Andrin. But me no get past da soldier – guards. Andrin and Silvanus no have da magic to hide me, or most of da party. We tink about plans – rush dem, wait for dem to leave, trick dem to da tunnel – none of dem good plans. Andrin come up wit good plan – she can disguise herself, get to da boat, pay dem for a ride, and den come get us. Me suggest dat Feydran use his new shrink power, and dey go as mother and son. Dem guards not be looking for mother and son.

After a little work wit Andrin makin dem look different, dey walk down past dem guards. Stupid guards dont even look at dem. Dey make it to da ship easy. It take Andrin long time to get dem to come get us, but dey do. We now free from dis crazy city, and maybe from da Pelor priest’s power.

We have all fallen
In more ways than one.....

Kadmos’ life now filled wit all kinds of strange stuff. Giant walking ice monsters, priests who don’t serve but seek to harm, people who become someting me can’t even name or describe, and constant run ins wif what dis place call law. Law in Karhu tribe much easier – might makes right!

After we beat big storm monster and little ice monsters (me like the way dey shatter when I hit dem hard), we haf to get down from walking ice mountains back. Dis no problem fer me – it looks like it be big fun. But me know dat Feydran in all his metal, Sylvanus, and Andrin not strong, not make climb in ice easy. Me try to help wit rope, but dey still struggle. Heglt Wonam fall, but catch herself on a ledge down low. Feydran slip next, and all of a sudden Heglt Wonam can fly! She jump after him, turn him to size of child, catch him, and dey boff drop to ground easy! She now have great magic! Me wanna know if she can do that, why not she fly us all down? Anyway, Sylvanus and me go down, but he having hard time wit cold and rope. Den all of a sudden him fall, and me not able to catch him! He fall into snow on ground – not sure if him live! I get down as quick as I can and head back – walking ice mountain take big steps! But me find him. Him still alive, but hurt bad. I wrap him in me furs and walk to find Andrin and Feydran. Me hope I can find dem before Sylvanus go cold for good. Luckily me do, and dey able to heal him while I try to make shelter from cold.

Storm blow over and Sylvanus get better wif Feydran’s help. We now more North of the road, but we head down and find Elf and Man city in forest. Not much to do here, but Heglt Wonam and Ihf Liahir have stuff, and Sylvanus need to rest and get feel better. I no more hear other voices in me head – not sure if dat good or bad, but we move on as soon as we can.

We get to Sunstan. It bigger man city, full of tall towers and stone boxes. Dis what dey call cimvilizashion. Me not impressed. What you need tall towers like dis for? We find temple of Pelor, and priest man leads us to Char’s room. Him door blocked and stuck heavy. It take a lot of banging, but me get through. We find him room wif picture lines all over walls, and Char not look like man any more. Him all black and twisted, wif extra arms, strange bones, and twisted limbs. Him not look anyting like Char except him eyes. I tink the evil in him got out and bent him all up. Why priests not help? Why dey leave him in room and ignore screams? I call for priests to do magicky help, but priest look all afraid. Heglt Wonam looking at lines on walls, and Ihf Liahir and Forizt Nam trying to help Char, but not much we can do against dis evil. Finally priests come back, but dem armed for fight, not for help. Me not sure if Char can be helped, but me not going to let these priests – dem dat ignored him while him scream and need help – kill him. Dem do nothing to try to help, and no not care if help can work, just want Char gone. Cowards! Liars! What kind of priests take man in den ignore him while him in trouble, and now dat we come to help just want to kill him. We tink we have to fight priests, and me ready to bash some stupid heads in, but priests let us take Char out of dis temple. Me try to make big noise as we leave – let people know dese priests are fakers and liars and thieves. We take Char to Rising Sun building, and dem try to help. Why not priests of stupid Pelor not call Rising Sun when Char start screaming? Why not them try to get him help? Stupid cowards!

We go to find an inn and look around while Rising Sun people look at Char. We find big box room full of books. Me not care about dis, but Andrin, and Feydran go inside. Forizt Nam and me go to tell law men dat the people in de temple of Pelor take all Chars stuff! Dem thieves and cowards, and if me have to, me go back in and get him stuff! When we get back to inn, we find Feydran and Heglt Wonam have man tied up!? Man from Pelor temple – him told to follow us! We call watchmen, tall them him follow us. Him try to say we kidnap him, but watch man believe us because me tell them about Char’s stuff. Stupid Pelor man lucky Heglt Wonam not use her magic to fry him!

After we deal with Pelor man, Heglt Wonam tell us dat library have something that belong to her family, and she want it back. She sneaky, but big book box full of magicky people, and dem not like her taking her stuff back. We try to help her. She find out dat box have magic to stop people from taking stuff, but we tink we can use that to make people confused long enough for her to get her stuff. We go in and Forizt Nam and Ihf Liahir make room all foggy while Heglt Wonam try to get her eye mask thing. She have hard time, so me fake to stumble in fog and knock over whole box thing, breaking it. Me get caught in sticky web magic, but her get away. Watch men come in, but dem too stupid to figure out what we done. Dey talk and talk, but we too smart for dem, and we get away.

Me thinking that if watch men so dumb, maybe it not be bad to live more by Karhu rules, and take what me want. Might makes right!

Heglt Wonam = “Light Woman” = Andrin
Forizt Nam = “Forest Man” = Sylvanus
Ihf Liahir = “Elf Healer” = Feydran
Karhu = “Bear”

Riders on the Storm-O
Seers, Spells, Storms and Snow

Andrin did come back. She done some buying too, got new gloves. She say she find seer in tent. We go to see if it him and to deliver revenge if it is. Feydran and Me go in through front, Andrin and Sylvanus stay out back. We remember what happened last time, and we tink Andrin might be able to get behind him for her wicked stab.

He tell us all kind of stuff, tings I no understand. He say our friends and family die to put us on path, to get us to come together, someting to do wit a dwarf, a elf and a human and freein sometin dey locked away. He mention the Rising Sun, sayin dey to blame. Me no care, me want to kill him den go find dose who told him to do it. Den him attack – bad idea. Andrin comes into tent, I pin him to corner of tent. He took my club, but I have sword and I make him pay. When he die, like cowardly rat, him explode, fill tent with blood. It hurt, but my rage and my joy at him dying let me ignore hurt. Feydran wave hands and call to him God and fix me.

Explosion damage me club, so me need new weapon. We found out dat de Bull Man no longer champion, now little thief somehow win. Some people say he deal wit demons, he filled wit evil power. If him have Bull Man axe, me buy it or fight him for it. Feydran go wit me, but little man say Bull Man leave wit his axe. Me have to find other weapon, but not hard – lots of people selling weapons. Me find good heavy flail, buy from dwarf. Dis make good bone crusher!

We go to find Andrin and Sylvanus,but den me get voice in me head. Voice not me, not orc, not know what it was. Voice say dat Char need me, call for me. Dat him in temple. I think real hard and him hears thoughts, so me ask who him is, where Char is, and how we help. Him in temple of Pelor, watched over by a cool light – dont know what dat is. But we find out him in Sunstan. We find caravan headed dat way, so we leave da next morning.

We get attacked on da way by some sneaky people wit bows, but with Feydrans magic, Andrins new lighting powers, and Sylvanus’ rollin balls of fire, we win. We only lose cowardly caravan driver who hide under wagon and not fight. Me chase some of dem into woods, make sure dey know not to mess wit us. We find some arrows dat I give to Andrin, but not much else.

Den a few nights later Feydran gets all strange – stranger dan usual. Him eyes turn cloudy gray, him look possessed, and him caught up in huge storm what come outta no where. We all get caught up in strong winds and somehow end up on back of giant ice creature. It crazy we stuck on chunks of ice on monsters back. Him like walking mountain, and de only safe place be his shoulders. We try to climb up dere, but Sylvanus have trouble. Feydran is up dere, fighting some big storm guy. Him not giant, and him throwing lightning around. Me think Feydran not going to live long without help.

We get up dere, chased by some ice creatures what come out of monsters back. But dem slow, dem cant catch us. I help Sylvanus up, den prepare to smash storm man. Him hit hard, and Feydran almost dead, but Andrin throwin lightning and Sylvanus make more balls of fire, and we hurt him. Feydran somehow call for big heal help, and dat gives us enough strength to kill storm man. Feydran, now feel better, charge at big storm man and attack. When storm man die, him flash lightning and thunder and leave big mace for Feydran.

Still Ice creatures to deal wit, but storm guy gone and me have new name – Kadmos Storm Breaker!

On da trail of da many-eyed mystic
Back to da tent city place

We left Spearkeep. I didn’t like it there any more – for all we done, we treated badly. Not shown likes. Dey gonna have problems witout us, and if da orcs come, dey gonna be wiped out.

Da trip to da new tent city was smooth. We went wit a lot of people from Spearkeep who wanted to sell stuff, so we in big group and no one mess wit us. Tent city got lots bigger, and lots more strange. When we gots dere, dey wanted us to play dress up, like we some little pups. I no want too, but everbody else was, so I picked a bear in honor of my tribe.

Lots of people walkin around. One of da first tings I see is big bull-man. Him champion fighter at the arena. Me not big on arena fighting – no fight for anyting but gold and make other people money. But if I feel like it, maybe I try it – see if I can get me name known here too. Den some strange man came up to us. He move around a lot, and him talk fast and all the time. I no like him. Him talk, talk, talk, and wave him hands around. Den I notice him have gold from Sylvanus. Dat make me mad – him take, but no ask. I make him give back, but den him have gold from Feydran too! Me tell him dat him keep him hands to himself, or I keep him hands – after I chop dem off!

We look around more, and buy some stuff. I find nice new ring shirt, and helm to honor my bear tribe. I also find some leather straps for me arms dat make me stronger! Dese all good for warrior like me! Feydran and Sylvanus buy stuff too. After askin people, including woman who run tent for women to please men, we find dat bull-man have someting to do wit many-eyed seer, so we go talk to him.

Bull-man stupid, and too sure him strong. Him not want to talk, and when we challenge, him want all our new stuff to talk. Him stupid! We make him deal – we beat him, he talk and we get one of his tings. Him beat us, he take two of our new tings. Dis good – now we fight.

Bull-man and big axe hit hard! Maybe broke chest bones, but me not down. Feydran wavin his arms around like always, and Sylvanus also chanting and waving. Me and bull-man trade blows, but me helped by friends and we win! Feydran take care of axe wound, and bull-man tell us seer give him mask, but not know why. He tell us what many-eye seer look like now, so we go find him after we rest for night. Maybe tomorrow glowy-woman friend be back wit us….

In the sewers of Spearkeep

You stand knee deep in decomposing, fluid sewage from the town of Spearkeep. You have before you one path left to explore. The previously explored route to your left made you ill and nearly blind from infection. The route to the right splits into two, with one covered in loose rocks that had nearly killed you with trauma to the head while the other you were attacked by chokers. You have one route left to explore, the shortest based on your estimates (but probably the most dangerous).

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Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures!

While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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