Journey of the Immortal Cleric

Rocks, Gods, Skeletons and more. Dis just keeps gettin stranger!

It simple - travel lots, see spots on map, figure stuff out... but it never work out dat way.

So, me now sittin in a very strange place. Me travel wit me friends to da desert city near da big lake. Dis a place where Andrin says dere is another door-room like da one we find in Spearkeep. But dis place not like Spearkeep at all! Half dem people here are dead, but not dead, but not nasty um-dead like zombies and da like. Dey walk, talk (very nice) and not want to eat you. From what we learn, dis place has magic in da lake, and dat magic can be used by ankle-lites (me guess dey float) to bring people back from bein dead. Dem ankle-lites move a whole temple place into da waters wit da dead bodies, and den dey come out of da water and da dead are livin again.

Dat make problem for us. Da ting we came to look at is under da water, and is what is makin people live again. We cant mess wit dat, or da townspeople be very angry wit us. So what we gonna do?

I tink i’d wanna leave. Me not liking all da dead walkin around – it aint right. It aint normal. It creepy. Me tink da ankle-lites cheating da gods, and some day dem gods gonna come and git da souls dey should have had.

On da way to dis place we stop at a temple. Supposed to be a temple to a war god, and nice temple built next to ice blue lake. Da temple have no rock shapes of da god, but have blue pillar in da center. Seem OK. We sleep next to da temple, and me have big spirit dream! Da shaman of my tribe talk about dis, and a few of dem great fighters for da tribe. Me honored dat it happen to me.

Me walk into strange place and find big white bear – da totem of me tribe. Bear challenge me, and we get into fight. Bear very strong, very cold. My friends could not help – it was just me and da bear! In da end, da bear spirit join with mine, and me get stronger wit da spirit of da bear! Me now truly a warrior of da Bear tribe now! Me also awake next morning wit a gift from da bear spirit – bracers dat cover me hands! These will make me very powerful, and I will use dem to honor da Bear Spirit! Mine enemies beware!

When I wake up da next day, da lake gone – no more water. Some god be mighty thirsty to drink all dat water. Not sure if it were da Storm God Feydran pray to. Me glad he not wake me when he come to drink – me need sleep. In da bottom of da lake is a town – but town all mucky and old from being under da water. In da middle of da town is a big stone building – we tink dis maybe da real war god temple, so we go to look. Me friends not find anyting yet to make dis trip worth it, so maybe we find stuff there.

We walk through the town till we get to da stone temple. Dis one make look like more temple – it have alter of bear shape, rock shapes of strange creatures, and one big rock shape behind altar. We slow to go in – place look like trap, and me sense someting not right. But Andrin and Feydran move in to look at tings, and rock shapes not come alive. At least dey didn’t till I helped Andrin pry a bow from da frozen altar. Den da big four armed god ting came alive and started trying to kill us. We too strong now, and we beat it, but when we did it start to vomit da souls of all da tings sacrificed to it – bulls, big people, little people, everyting. We had to run. It was a rough run to outdistance all dem souls. Feydran have trouble climbing and running in him armor, so me help wit some friendly words. Me almost tink he should use him go little power and me carry, but we not have time for dat. We all get out, but me tink it be good idea to start some strength training every morning for da rest of da group. Dey need to bulk up some, get some strength in dem arms and legs. Da run not da end of it though – da temple break, and make da ground break, and lots of ugly, smelly, weak goblns come up from tunnels. Me have about enough of dis, so me jump into dem, roaring and raging. Me so mad I even drop me flail and start punching dem. Their little heads pop like melons when me hit dem! Da glory of da Bear Clan show good in dat fight! Feydran show him strong wit Marduke power too, and Andrin easily set da tunnels closed on dem weakling goblins.

We find our horses and we head for da lake town after dat.



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